Delaunay Voronoi Tessellation

Hello everyone! I need your help, guys!
At the time I’m interested in the Delaunay Voronoi Tessellation theme, more specifically, the image is divided into triangles, the darker the color, the smaller the triangle. But all download links are out of date. Can someone share .gh file, please, I’m sure someone has them!

Thanks for your feedback

Some few similar images, can’t get the author’s feedback:

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Here’s one way (296.4 KB)

Change the (F) file path input of the IMG component to the image you want to use. You may need to adjust the rectangle and resolution to match the proportions of your image. Don’t set too high a resolution or it could take a long time.
The input values for the domain control the approximate edge length range between black and white parts of the image. Use the button to reset, start the timer to let it remesh, then stop it when it is done.


and if you want to colour the triangles from the original image: (2.6 MB)


If you want to capture more details from the image without using a very small triangle size all over, a better way could be to apply an edge detection filter (I used the one in Photopea, as it is free and online) then use that as the input for the remeshing (while still using the actual image for assigning the triangle colours).
This way you get smaller triangles in areas of higher detail, unlike the image above where the triangle size depends just on the brightness of the original image.


How did you… Wow! Thanks a lot, man! You are my hero. I needed this for my diploma project, and you saved my life.