Delaunay Mesh with tree columns Grasshopper

Hello! I need a little help here. I’ve made this structure and I want to make some poles in the shape of a tree. I haven’t worked much in Grasshopper so far, so don’t laugh if something doesn’t make sense over there. I just followed a series of tutorials and combined them. I need to know how to fix those lines that don’t go to the nearest face. I hope you understand what I want. Thank you.

I want something like this

CUJBA FINAL cu (21.7 KB)

this looks closer, but not sure if Mesh Corners is what you’re after:

CUJBA FINAL cu (26.9 KB)

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Thank you so much! How can I make there be fewer branches?

or be closer? not to go over such a large area

Buna Diana :slight_smile:

if you graft your lines, you get this

to get fewer branches, adjust this slider

here’s a modification that makes the branches more vertical
CUJBA FINAL cu stalpi_mai verticali decat (27.9 KB)

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Thank you so much!!

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