Shortest Walk Branching on 3 sided brep

I am attempting to create a branching pattern on 3 sides of a brep rectangle with a few supporting points on the interior (columns) so the space can be occupied. The Script I have seems to be working but I do not have endpoints within the pattern. Here all the branches are continuous. I have been going through the forums have have been using this thread to start. I’d like it to look like this just on the box. It would also be useful if it worked on other surfaces as well and not just this box.

A little help with the taper would be appreciated as well. Cocoon is interesting but is very computationally heavy. I have been looking at pipe variables as well. Is there a better way to produce the branches? This file likes to lock up and has crashed a few times when I try to run cocoon.
Current GH file: (16.6 KB)

It doesn’t seem like the two point populations I have are acting as one single population which would be necessary to branch between them. I am primarly interested in creating the branches on the brep surface itself than on the interior but when I just use populate 3D there isn’t enough points near the perimeter.

Imagine looking up at a silhouetted tree canopy. That is what I am trying to create as a facade. Can anyone help get me moving again?

I am not sure of what you want, but here is something that works better. It is important you understand “Datatrees” if you see multiple branches in your data, Grasshopper will think you want to make multi works not just one. So flatten data input.
If you see that it is not good => 2 differents jobs for Grasshopper.A “branch” is like a “for”
You must see this for this component, the same for shortest walk

Cocoon is very good, but here I used Dendro, that is more robust. .I use GraphMapper to make variation on branches radius. (22.8 KB)

You could surely use my script to make realist branches (of tree) radius
See there


Thank you very much. I will do more reading on the data trees. I have come across them but my understanding is limited. In the past I always just waited to see the dashed lines and then flatten. I see this is a bit more complicated. In my OP the component has two sets of lists when the component needs only one. This makes sense. 3 sources 1 list not 3 sources 2 sets of lists.

Your example is a lot better as now the points on the surface are ends. Give me some time to parse through and see what i can do now but essentially what i am looking for is the branching confined to the box. Exactly like the image you shared. Exactly. Does that link have this script? The links in that thread don’t work for me. HTTP error.

I don’t understand which link doesn’t work ?

Apologies. Any in this thread:

I cant seem to look at the first few shared scripts or images in this one. The last Image you shared. Is that from this thread?

Ok the link is working but as the author was banned all his ressources where lost :frowning:. But you could find many scripts that work. Not on the main discussion but on side discussions. I put some scripts. The last image I mede is on this script (24.2 KB)

Thank you! I may be in touch soon with this and other ideas!