Delaunary On SubD Surface

Hi, there, Is there a way to generate Delaunay triangulation on this SubD surface? Most Delaunay example are generate on flat surface.

Delaunay Pattern On SubD Surface.3dm (136.7 KB)

How about converting the subd to a quad mesh and then triangulating it?
I believe with the TriRemesh component in Rhino 7, you can even skip the conversion to mesh. Simply feed it the subd and it will spit out a nice tri mesh.
Delaunay triangulation is usually for constructing sort of a graph from a collection of points.

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Delaunay triangulation is a process applied to a set of points, and the visual qualities of the pattern it produces depends hugely on what the distribution of those points is like (the same goes for Voronoi diagrams).
For instance, these are all Delaunay triangulations (and the corresponding Voronoi diagram for the same points):

These days I often see people talk about “a Delaunay pattern”, or “a Voronoi pattern”, when they really mean the specific vaguely ‘organic’ look of these algorithms applied to something like the 3rd or 4th type of distribution above, or somewhere between these, but it helps to be specific.