Deformed Rhino circles after exporting to illustrator

Hi Jeremy -

That’s not what I was wondering about.
If you draw something in Illustrator using nested layers and export that to SVG, how are the layers written to the SVG file? Can you post a file from Illustrator?

Illustrator doesn’t support layer hierarchy from PDF.

Hi Tom

Answering your questions.

  1. yes; export to pdf
  2. version 25.2 (recent, but stable)
  3. there’s no import options when you open an SVG in illustrator.
  4. layer structure is so important to me for speed of workflow; mainly for quick changing of appearance of sets of geometry.
  5. putting items onto layers by selecting same is a bit of a process; best avoided if possible.

Hi Wim, attached is a simple nested SVG (right click, save as). Let me know if it’s what you wanted.



That’s what I wanted, yes. Thanks.
It looks like nested layers are written as nested SVG groups, just like what Rhino does.
When you import that SVG back into a blank Illustrator file, are you saying that the nested layer structure is as it should?

Even after all these years, this topic remains popular. # memories

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Not entirely sure what you mean, but I dragged that same SVG into Illustrator, and it maintains the same nested structure as I made it yesterday

Also note, that each path could go on its own layer within it’s parent layer. For example, I could put the red path on its own layer within layer 1; but decided to leave it just as plain geometry within the layer 1.


This just happened to me in Rhino 7 (screenshot from Illustrator and it’s the same in Affinity):

Recreating the curves with degree 5 and 10 points instead fixed it, but the default is “deformable” (which I think is “rational”?) and I’m very surprised that Rhino doesn’t automatically translate this into something that PDF/SVG interprets correctly.

Rhino 7 export circle as SVG-path, as I understand. Try to use Rhino WIP - it supports SVG primitives (rectangle, circle). But deformable circle is being exported as default circle.

I encountered this issue many years ago and exporting as dxf solves it granted you get more control points. The problem I have is with rhino 7 and illustrator not being the correct scale. I’m sure its or hope its just my issue and something I need to set in rhino, but use rhino 5 for those tasks until I figure it out.