Deformation Scale for buckling analysis

Can anyone tell me how the deformation scale works for the buckling analysis?
I was hoping that I could normalise the deformed model to a set displacement and use this as an initial imperfection in a Non-linear analysis. However, It doesn’t seem to be working as expected. See image below.

Hello @alexander.griffiths,
the buckling shapes get scaled in such a way that their largest displacement component has the value ‘1’. This can be a translational or rotational degree of freedom.
In case you want to unitize the resultant displacement of a node you need to extract the displacement components via the ‘Nodal Displacements’-component, form the resultants of the nodal translations and use the maximum value of these for scaling the buckling shape.
– Clemens

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Hi Clemens,
Thanks for the clarification. I also found the following post on the discussion forum helpful for scaling the maximum displacement to an initial imperfection.


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