Deform surface to curve

Hi everyone!

Very quick question here (see image below) - how to do this in Rhino manually, not grasshopper?

Yes, just a basic/classic deform, easy with grasshopper, but I remember seeing a brief tutorial or example very long ago for a manual method.

Please excuse the brain fart, as I cannot find that post - if I search something similar only grasshopper shows up everywhere. I highly doubt they were just pulling control points…maybe it was an old rhinoscript…

I keep thinking maybe it was just the _drape command to a pipe or something:


I’d make a Pipe for this and then BooleanUnion (or Trim + Join). Here I also finished the edge with BlendEdge. If you used Drape the control point density would need to be high and you’d always have chatter on any edge running diagonally to the control point grid.

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Thanks @BrianJ,

For your answer and input - it goes beyond my question as you applied some finished quality to it.

Makes complete sense - in grasshopper you’d have to increase said density in order to refine the curve influence.

Do you nonetheless recall a method that wouldn’t involve the operations you used and pulled a surface with whatever density to an object? Even if it looks ugly…


you can use patch, the only thing you have to do is set a few points around the curves on the ground plane to “stitch” it down to get a contrast towards the elevation.

here with a bit of a higher amount of spans which might be counter productive since it will align towards the points too much, so have a play, maybe it helps.

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Hello - SoftMove will do this. Select the surface control points and a curve for example.


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Patch may be useful as mentioned but I bet Pascal guessed what you saw before with SoftMove.

You could also use The Align command > To Curve option which is new in the Rhino 7 WIP.

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Thanks, yes, it helps a lot - this resembles grasshopper results more - I guess I should have started by saying that I wanted to mimic the grasshopper method/look, though I notice that cannot be the case as the approach is different.


All have been viable solutions Thanks a lot! Very helpful!

YES - I was in the middle of exploring _softmove and _softeditsrf - both yield adequate results.

I did not know and I had not tried - that worked out nicely especially after applying a couple of smoothing steps:

Thanks to all