Deform objects


modeled as an inorganic object to scenes rendered in 3ds max we have to deform slightly this object for him become more real.

we use in 3dsmax: modifier> noise

is there any command or technique or plug-in for Rinoceros 5 to deform these objects?

preference of several objects at once?

Thank you so much

Can you post an example?



I drew a roll fillet with edges and surfaces blend some

I wanted to give a distorted for this object become more real

Any command in Rhino to do that?

Try ApplyDisplacement and choose a Noise texture as the input. Here’s a video on the command as well…

that’s not what I want

I wanted to deform the object completely so he has more real
bend it real
already tried with: cage editing, but the object was left with many faces

is there another way?


is possible to map an object in Rhino for texturing in 3dsmax? as?

is possible, the rhino, fillet applied to various objects in a scene at once?

Thank you

If you can post an example, it will be easier to help.



Create an object to use as the control object. An existing, suitable object can be used.
Run CageEdit
Select the control object
Select the captured objects
Several options and parameters control how the distortion works and how local it is.
Move control points of the control object to distort the captured objects.
ReleaseFromCage or Explode to release the captured objects.

Cage can be to create a rectangular box to use as the control object. Other objects can also be used.

could deform several objects at once with: cage editing.
what better way than this?

and: solid> fillet edge on varios objects also
what better way than this?

just do not get it:
is possible to map an object in Rhino for texturing in 3dsmax? the?

and how do I rebuild the structure of an object for this stay with a cleaner mesh nurbs?
I already used the join, but the object is in the middle with lines
has some way?

thank you again

Hi Bilico,

Are you aware that your copy of Rhino is a cracked version?


will be?

My friend installed for me

how do you find out?

There is no “corporate” version of Rhino.
I did not point it out to police you. But be aware that by pirating software, you make use of work done by others (the developers) without paying for it. Yet I know that although Rhino is very cheap for what it has to offer, it still can be a huge amount for someone with limited or no budget. Just consider that if you make money for yourself by using Rhino it is fair to buy the official product. Also as an investment to ensure Rhino can be developed further.


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I will uninstall here
and install an original copy

Thank you for letting me know

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