Decals in V6 for Mac

Does the Decal function exist in V6 for Mac? I cannot find it?


Take a look at this topic

Thanks for responding Jose but that icon does not exist in my V6 version of Rhino for Mac and I have the latest update?



Verify that one of your sidebar inspector panels is set to show Properties. You need to select an element in your model first before the Decal icon will appear in the Properties panel.

It should exist, that screenshot is from V6 for Mac. You have to select the object first and then go to the properties panel. Make sure you have the properties panel opened. Check the screenshot to see how can you open it.
Screenshot 2020-05-02 at 15.29.02

Thanks to you both. It turns out that the icons that show when in the Properties mode were being covered up by the box below them but I was able to see enough of the decals icon to select it and now all of those icons are visible.