Decals Close Rhino

I was curious if anyone has had this issue when trying to apply decals.

Select object
Open decal panel
Click to add new decal
File explorer opens
If mouse is moved, Rhino minimizes.

I’ve tried this in rhino 8 and 7. Both had the same issue.

I’m not sure what’s causing this, whether it’s on my end or the software’s. Any advice would be great.

Found the issue. The sidebar housing the decals option closes if not being interacted with. This includes while mousing into the file explorer. To fix, drag the tool sidebar out of it’s nook and force it into the middle of the screen to think about what it did wrong.

Thank you for reporting the issue. Are you on Windows or Mac? Is it possible to get a video showing the problem?

I tried to reproduce the issue, but I am clearly doing it somehow different.

I have the same issue, any solutions?
Im using Rhino 8 on windows

Hi Muhammad -

Please help us reproduce this issue by answering the questions that Max asked.