Decal Texture Mirror Alternate tiles not working | Rhino 8 + Rhino 7

When you use “Mirror Alternate Tiles” in a Decal Texture things do not work as expected.
In Rhino 7 the texture does not mirror in both Rendered and Raytraced Modes.

  1. Here is the rendered view with 5×5 without mirror

  2. Here is rendered viewport with Mirror (no change)

  3. Here is raytraced with mirror

In Rhino 8 is worse. besides starting acting up while I was doing these tests and eventually just shuting down, here is what the same looks:

  1. here is rendered viewport without mirror and with the 5×5 tile. It changes the scale

  2. when you mirror it mirrors but in groups of 5×5, i.e. every 5 lines it does not mirror.

  3. In Raytraced the scale is not change but the texture is not mirrored.

Again Rhino 8 is slightly worse and slightly more unexpected than Rhino 7.