Decal not showing in rendered viewport when laptop is working on battery power

Using two different laptops one windows 7 Rhinoceros 5 Nvidia and one windows 10 Rhinoceros 5 Intel graphics Decals do not show in rendered viewport ( do show rendered, show edit placement) when on battery power. All decals show when plugged in. Verry odd!

Tried different energy settings and changing graphics properties but could not solve this problem.

Is there a solution? Thanks for help.

I’m guessing your laptop has two display adapter chips; one for performance and one to conserve battery power. When you’re on battery power, your Control Panel Performance power settings are not using the more capable display adapter that Rhino needs.

I suspect that if you start Rhino with shore power or on battery, that the display adapter described in Options > View > OpenGL will be different.

You can change the power settings in Control Panel but it will affect battery life dramatically.

Thank you. Both on shore and battery power the description in Options > View > OpenGL is the same. I had already changed power settings to high performance, but unfortunately no improvement.

That’s odd.
I’m out of ideas.

That is unfortunate. Has anybody else experienced this issue? Or can someone try to see if decals do not show up in the rendered viewport when a file is opened working with a notebook on battery power?

Maybe there is a BIOS energy settings : more info here