DataOutput - Complex list not retrievable?


Maybe I’m doing something wrong here but I’m having issues retrieving a string list with a “complex” tree structure {0;0}…to {4;9}, and in the meantime I have no problem with structureless lists. Am I missing a specific point when retrieving complex lists using the DataOutput component ? Is there a specific command to perform in the API ?

Here my first 3 lists (Lvx, Hvx, IDvx) with structure are correctly fetched , while Listevx (complex list) is empty and its format is “unkown”. Considering that it is a list that can have < null > elements depending on my inputs, is it behaving this way because of it ?



Can you reproduce this issue on a minimal grasshopper definition and share it here? I was not able to reproduce it on my side yet.

Hi Mathieu,

Here’s the a minimal definition without the geometry but only the lists.



There seems to be an issue on the servers when a data output contains more the 128 items. We are reviewing it currently. It has nothing to do with using trees, you can check how trees are sent to the API by testing with a smaller number of items until we resolve this issue. I will get back to you as soon as it is fixed.

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