List Item Output is higher than Input

I was using the List Item and as an Input I had a List of 28 Frames, but in every Output I get 80 Values. Can someone explain me this difference or has any good resources where I can look up the processes behind the list components so I can understand it?



You need to upload your GH file with internalized geometry so someone can see what’s wrong about it.

list output is higher than (541.8 KB)

it actually happens a couple of time in the whole script, but I guess it is more a mistake on my side of understanding the functionality of some aspects

It’s obvious from your screen image that the List Item input is grafted so you are getting the first item in each branch. Flatten might help but I haven’t looked at your GH file yet.

Yeah, your input is a sparsely populated data tree with many branches empty. Flattening is not always the best answer, you must understand data trees to get far in GH.


There are some empty branches in your tree structure, that are created at the very beginning, on your first Cull Pattern.
Those empty branches become Null items when passing through List Item and therefore do count as one item.
This is not necessarily problematic, but you may want to use Clean Tree to remove those.


list output is higher than (545.7 KB)

Thanks for your help. I am getting deeper into data trees, but so far missing some insights that I couldn’t find researching on my own…