Data tree - reassign points of list to groups

Hi there,

I just cant get a clean solution managing my data trees.
I have my curves segmented with points. now I have 4 lists with points, start, end, segment points and some inbetween. The numbers vary due to the different length.

Now i would like to get them back into one list in the right order. I know that i would need to weave for example… but don’t know how to manage it. I already have a knot in my brain :wink:

My solution now works with checking the distance of the points on the line… but I would like to understand how i works with data trees.

Thanks for taking your time to help me!

reasign points to (15.9 KB)


First you can rearrange the points back into tree branches per curve. The point order doesn’t matter here. After that you can sort the points along your original curves.

Sorting seems way simpler and more elegant than jumping through many more hoops to reorder the points manually again.

reasign points to groups (13.0 KB)

Thanks diff-arch, seems like i’m not such an idiot not to be able to organise it with the data tree tools.

Didn’t know that alongcurve tool! Many thanks for that!

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