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hello, sorry i still have problems with data tree, my question is how would you select these elements as shown in the attached picture easily, the problem is they don’t have a sequence path numbering, i vr tried to sort them by the x and y comppnent, it did work but ive got proplems later when the model is mirrord, i appreciate your help, thank you (43.5 KB)

I mean i can sure easily select them with list item but this is not realy efficient when i change the parameters that generate thiese boxes

Length of A and B are variable, which means the numbers in B will be more or less that leads to number change in A, is there any trick to renumber the A so that they are consequnce numbering so that i can easily select them without having worries about length variable changes?

How did you created the curves? I mean, there’s no logic behind because your branches are just the single curves and ist z variations. So somehow i think you need to do it a bit by hand. But may it’s more simple, if you take them out of your “previous” script where you created them?

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these rectangles are generated out of points exisited on curves, in the joints there is special editing process which can be change parametricaly

but thank you, your tip can be a solution, although it will make the process more complicated.

those videos from David Rutten will be helpful

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