Select all data in the branches to do bounding box

Hello everyone,

I am trying to mantain the branches structure and select the data inside them so i can do a bounding box on the letters (represented as curves) so the numbers and letters nearby for example: 1a, 2b, 12a … and so on would be a group.

I tried with explode tree, but It will always be a pain to put all the paths. Was thinking about tree statistics but then I cannot reach the geometry inside the paths.

question data (114.2 KB)

Like this?

question data (58.2 KB)

yes, the only thing is that i would like to this bounding box being done in all branches at the same time not the list item only. That’s the main problem.

…well… you can bypass the List Item :slight_smile:

actually you can just go directly into Bounding Box if you don’t need to operate on the List

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ahhh so it will catch all the paths, haha makes sense! Sorry guys!