Data Management - list item problems

Hello everybody,

I would like to start by saying that I have learned several things just by reading some other problems this community has solved.

I am still learning grasshopper so I believe my problem is about data management or list item components, I want to share an image which has a pattern that I am trying to duplicate in a random surface, the main surface has no problem doing it ( square pyramid) , my problem is when I tried to create the secondary graphic at the top of this shape, I actually created already the points where every line should go but lines are not doing what I was expecting . I tried several options already but so far nothing is working yet.

Of course I would like to add later an attractor point like image reference.

Also I have been thinking that instead of creating the shape with curves to try to deconstruct my main body and rotate it but i believe it might create some other problems

Anyways if anybody has an idea it would be great.

Thank you in advanced.!


square (30.5 KB)

square (18.0 KB)

Thank you very much. yes this is what I was trying to attempt ! I think I was a bit off with my idea


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