Data input/output doesn't works with blocks

I’m trying DATA INPUT / DATA OUTPUT in Grasshopper for MAC but if I use the BLOCKS it doesn’t work. Is it a limitation a bug or something other?

TEST NO (2.7 KB)

TEST (5.2 KB)

no one have the same problem?

You can do baked blocks

i’ll add a feature request Model Object Block Serialization.

Thank you for your reply, Japhy.
The need to bake the blocks makes the command useless. I hope you can add the feature (why do you call it a feature and not a bug?) in a short time. Thanks, Roy

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It’s not a regression.

Blocks have never been a part of Grasshopper, only accessible via scripting or plugins such as Elefront, Human and others.

These are new Grasshopper data types that need instructions on what to do when input into various conditions. The Export Content component hasn’t been introduced yet for example. If you bake the block and re-reference it the Data Output knows what it is.