Pass Blocks into Python

I cannot seem to use blocks like standard geometry.

The rectangle goes in (type of geometry: rectangle) but the block has “none” type and does not print any meaningful representation.

Is there a way to do this?


Grasshopper does not have support for managing blocks (as like hatches and other stuff).
Your “Block” component is probably from a plugin.

Via script you cannot use that block output directly (or at least it would be more complex), but you could search on the rhino file for a particularly named block and then work from there… if the block already exist, if it was already baked once.

Hi @customgamebits,

Just wondering whether instead of bringing the block into python you could DeBlock it and bring the component elements into python, then reconstruct the block from python output?


Thanks, Riccardo & Jeremy for your quick and helpful responses.

Yes, a rethink is required. The block problem is illustrated with a local block but in fact I am using a library of 14 linked blocks in this project. Using Python was an attempt to streamline things. But without native support for Blocks, this will be more complex.

I have tried Elefront and Hetoptera + Instance manager and I cannot seem to make them work very well.

Perhaps this can be added to the list of feature requests for future version of GH?

Once again, thanks for your time!

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