Daedalus Pavilion - a 3D printed architectural installation by Ai Build

London based startup Ai Build teamed up with partners NVIDIA, Arup, KUKA Robotics and Formfutura to create “Daedalus Pavilion” as part of the GPU Technology Conference in Amsterdam.

Daedalus Pavilion measures 5m wide x 5m deep x 4.5m high and it consists of 48 pieces that are 3D printed using a KUKA industrial robot. All pieces were 3D printed within 3 weeks, using 160 kg of biodegradable filament material supplied by the Dutch manufacturer Formfutura.

Ai Build used NVIDIA GPUs for running a combination of computer vision and deep learning algorithms to increase the speed and accuracy of large scale 3D printing.

Ai Build collaborated with Arup Engineers for this project to showcase how robotics and artificial intelligence will transform the future of construction.

Rhino and Grasshopper were used to create the structural pattern and fabrication files.

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About Ai Build Ai Build is a London based company aiming to transform the construction industry with Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. To achieve this, Ai Build has developed large scale 3D printing technology using industrial robots and machine learning software, enabling complex architectural forms to be produced in short lead times and at low cost. Ai Build’s on-demand manufacturing service enables architects and engineers to design increasingly unique buildings, and contractors to speed up production, while reducing both costs and waste material.

Posted Nov 09, 2016 by Elena Caneva on Rhino News, etc.