RoboFold Workshop: Winter Olympics Pavilion Design

RoboFold Workshop: Winter Olympics Pavilion Design Staedelschule, Frankfurt (Germany)

August 1-4, 2013

Join us for the unique experience designing the ‘Rose Pavilion’ with the RoboFold technology, in a collaborative design workshop with the architect Dimitry Demin, engineers Bollinger+Grohmann, invited guests from OneToOne, TUDelft, Bauhaus University and Intact Solutions (Scan&Solve).

This is a live project for the Rosa Khutor Alpine Resort during the XXII Winter Olympic Games in 2014.

The workshop will focus on developing folded metal structural systems to achieve the form envisaged by the architect. Participants will use folded card, laser cutters and modelling in Grasshopper to develop and evaluate solutions.

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Posted Jul 23, 2013 by Carlos Perez on Rhino News, etc.