Cyclorama Wall Corner?

A cyclorama wall in photography is just a curved wall, no edges, corners can get interesting because of the compound curves happening. That’s where I’m having trouble, I used a Sweep 1 to get the profile shown but I don’t know how to curve the corner. FilletEdge works of course (shown at bottom) but not really well, I’m guessing there is a better method for this?

I would do it this way, because it’s fully adjustable at any given moment:

Cyclorama wall corner.3dm (97.2 KB)

You can also make it from a single surface. I kept it as 3 separate ones, because it lets you extend the straight walls without affecting the shape of the rounded corner. Also, hiding the middle blend surface will leave just the two straight walls that could be extended to form a sharp corner when necessary. With a single surface, you can still achieve similar result, either by moving the control points very close to the corner, or by selecting the control points at the corner and set their weight to 10.

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