Cycles on Rhino for Mac

Hi i have couple questions:

  1. Cycles will be main render in Rhino or only in raytraced view ?
  2. Do you have in a plan to create cycles render settings ? I mean brazil has a problem with render layers.
  3. Blender foundation is working on Eevee renderer. It looks very incredible.

For start enought. :slight_smile:

best regards,
peter mašek

Hi @petermasek,

  1. eventually, but not in v6. Like in the Windows version of Rhino it is planned for v7
  2. do you mean like the Blender Cycles render layers and such? Otherwise check out the command RhinoCycles_SetAdvancedOptions and Preferences > Cycles
  3. yes, we know. But wrong licensing, so no Eevee. Maybe when they change away from GPL to MIT or Apache 2 or BSD license…
  1. oh no :frowning:
  2. i mean this :
  3. Its only idea.

I think that main problem is renderer. Modeling is brilliant but world now working on milion render solutions like a redshift, arnold, renderman, octane render (not for mac version without cuda) … :slight_smile:

And old version AI format version. For example affinity photo/designer doesnt know to import rhino ai format. (but its another problem)

It should be possible to create some UI for selecting render passes, and being able to save them out: I don’t know if that will make it into v6, though. Some passes are already being done, but not all by a long shot.

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