Cycles CUDA 3.7

Rhino rendering engine Cycles does not support CUDA 3.7?

Hmm, I indeed don’t have 37 kernel compiled. What GPU supports this?

Be advised though that the current CUDA Toolkit already marks cards based on the Kepler architecture as deprecated, and support will be dropped in the next CUDA toolkit version.

As long as the Cycles kernels compile with older CUDA toolkit versions I’ll try to keep these updated, but when they no longer compile drop for support is inevitable.

K80 (keplar)

Right, a datacenter GPU, and the only one of all the cards out there that uses 3.7. It was not on my SM/GPU crossreference grid probably because of that and why it wasn’t compiled.

I logged RH-67217 Compile sm_37 but we’ll have to see for how long Kepler format is still supported by NVidia. Fermi has already been dropped a few years ago.

Addendum: according Wikipedia sources Kepler architecture has been moved to legacy since 2020 for notebook and September 2021 for desktop GPUs. Not sure what the support status is for datacenter GPUs.