CVS Export problem

Hi, I have a problem to get a correctly formated CVS file out of Shapedriver. I put in a set of Data as a tree with 6 branches and 25 Points each, but I always get a cvs file with just everything in one row.
None of the options seem to change anything about that or no tool interprets the EOL correctly?
Thanks for you rhelp!

Exporting to the csv format just sets the file extension, but you are responsible for formatting the text that you send to the export component. This might require some string manipulation.

Note that if you send a list, the csv file will introduce line breaks for each element of the list. So each list element represents a row. You can then format each element with comma-separated values for your columns.

If you attach a minimal Grasshopper file along with an example csv file of the result you expect, I can provide further help.

Hi Mathieu,
thanks for the Answer! I was able to format the export correctly with the excel exporter, but with shapedriver there are some missing inputs i did not know how to replace…
This is the Setup, its that way so that the customer can change every Vector for every point manually in Shapedriver. And the expected outcome (via excel export) is in the picture below.

image (21.3 KB)

With the following definition: (15.4 KB)

When I import as CSV in Excel:


I get the result you want:

Hi Mathieu,
thanks for the input. I think my minimal definition was to minimal :wink:
I am merging a lot of points into the structure before I merge them again

when I use the “Text join” with that structure I get a different Kind of tree.

I think I would just need a semicolon at the end of each branch, and not after each Number.
I thought it should be there from the beginning but with the import from cvs in excel I get all the combined data in rows:

ok I think it worked. i added a flip Matrix there.

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