Excel .xlsm read in/adapt/export


Is there a way or supported third party plugin that allows shapediver to read an excel file in xlsm format (which is embedded in the grasshopper definition), adapt the values in the file and in the end lets the user download the updated excel file/display the calculation results?

The regarded excel file includes macros but I guess I could adapt the excel file directly to run those macros once the values are updated so there would be no need to do that in the grasshopper definition.

Excited to hear your input or any possible alternative solutions.

ShapeDiver currently doesn’t support any plugin for importing .xlsm files, more on supported plugins here. You can use the Text File Input component and import CSV, manipulate data and then output as CSV again with the Export component. However, processing spreadsheets in cloud with ShapeDiver/Grasshopper seems like bit of a stretch. Could you tell me a bit more about what are you trying to achieve? I just want to understand your use case better.

Maybe building the logic in an online application instead of macros in Excel would more efficient. This way you can use the ShapeDiver UI to allow users configure values and then export the results. You might consider using JSON which you can import to Excel or use as the Data Output instead. More in on this Documentation page and tutorial below.

Thanks for your help!

The plan is to feed an existing excel calculation file (for calculation of concrete pile-heads) with information from a FEM-software (support loads) to create multiple excel files with different inputs.

Reading in a json export from shapediver in excel seems like a good solution. I will give that a try.

When it comes to the structural analysis, we also support Karamba3D which is very interesting in combination with ShapeDiver as a cloud platform. If you are interested in trial let our sales team know via the contact form at www.shapediver.com and see more details below.

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