"CV massaging" tools & diagnostics?

I recently came to Rhino from Alias I just found out about the MoveUV tool:


That seems like a slightly primitive version of the TransformCV tool in Alias:


However, if you look at my Alias screenshot above, I have curvature deviation graphs plotted on all of my surface edges, and that is something I currently don’t know how to do in Rhino. That graph updates in real-time, so when I move a CV, I can watch the deviation shrink or grow.

Does anyone know if there are any tools in Rhino to check surface continuity like this?

Is CurvatureGraph any use to you?

Sure, that’s a nice tool, but not really in this instance, and it’s not what you’re actually looking at in that screenshot in case you thought that.

In that screenshot, I’ve defined a number of points along the meeting of the two surfaces, and as long as the CV hull is within the set G2 tolerances for the files, everything is green and the graph is at 0 (regardless of actual curvature).

The curve you’re seeing is built from having a high enough number of points along that edge so when the deviation for curvature continuity goes above the tolerances you’ve set, the amount gets plotted onto that curve.

It’s super helpful to see exactly where you went wrong and how to fix it, because you can plot it for G0, G1 and G2 separately and just care about fixing one thing at a time.

Rhino V7 WIP has a new command EdgeContinuity which displays the users choice of position, tangency or curvature mismatch between two edges as a color coded comb.

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That sounds great! I’ll try it when I get back in the office on monday.