Cutting plane end up error

trying to get area for each floor of amassing. but every time when the cutting section is align with the massing change plane, the plan cut shows an error. want to know without changing the massing(to not overlap with cutting plane) is a way to in gh to solve this issue. Q_CUTTING PLANE ALIGN WITH MASSING END UP AREA (18.5 KB)

The error is because you’re trying to create a surface from a open curve
you can either remove these open curves from your surface generation like below:

or add a clean tree after surface to clear out the null

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this works! thanks

If I may ask a follow-up question. split multiple brep does not actually split the brep. any suggestion ?


Your PlaneSrf isn’t anywhere close to the brep you want to split, and the surfaces aren’t big enough anyway. Use PxS (Plane Through Shape) instead:


The location of your cutting surfaces results in two trimmed surfaces (because they are coplanar with your cutting surfaces?) and four ‘Open Breps’ instead of solids (‘Closed Breps’), as expected.

By the way, SUnion was doing nothing so I removed it.

This is great! are there anyway to create infinite plane through a point ?

Planes are always infinite. Surfaces are not.

O, do you know why split brep with plane also does not work?

No, other than it was designed that way.



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thanks so much, good to see the color j component.
to follow this exercise , why dispatch the massing does not work while cull list work?Q_CUTTING PLANE ALIGN WITH MASSING END UP AREA (24.2 KB)

Dispatch ‘P’ (Pattern) expects a list of boolean values corresponding to the ‘L’ (List) input similar to Cull Pattern, whereas Cull Index expects a list of index values similar to List Item.

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