Brep/Plane: Intersection failed


My goal:
I try to randomly create curves on the surface as below image.

Method & issue:
I try to create cut plane to divide surface by using Brep/plane.
As the circle on the image, there are no curves on the half of surface.
I am guessing that is because of “intersection failed” in the Brep/plane.

I have tested many way but I could not solve this issue.
Could anyone help me to solve this issue?

My data:
Test11.3dm (6.4 MB) (22.6 KB)



You should set plane to section again.
Please refer to the attached file. (12.7 KB)

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Hi Reo,

Thanks for the solution.

I am curious about the difference between mine and your solution.
Your solution is much better than mine.
In order to reset plane of the selected points on the curve, I used Remap numbers.
Could you explain a bit more what part of my script went wrong?
If I know my mistake, I will make same mistake again.


Hi Archisong
Your script got length of curve was wrong.
when you used construct domain component, Z coordinate start at 0 of value.
You should get the Z coordinate of the start and end points of the curve.

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Thanks a lot