Cut hatches

Are there any plans to add support for hatch objects to the split and trim commands?
It would for example be helpful when working with already hatched floorplans, to quickly cut out pieces like rooms or apartments etc., including hatches, to move them.

After all, a hatch is stored by it’s boundary, right? Would it be difficult to ‘expose’ this to the split command?

@Eugen There is no ‘slice’ command in default Rhino. Please select a Category to help get an answer

Hello - Trim works on hatches in V7/WIP ( ) but not Split.


True! Mixed it up… edited the mistake. Thanks!

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Thanks, interesting! However, I could not get it to work in the latest WIP, which I just installed.
The Trim command will not accept a hatch as input.

Hello - hatches can be the targets of Trim but not the cutters. Is that what you mean?


I see… it works when you invoke the Trim command first, then select the cutter, then the hatch.

When the hatch is selected first, then Trim invoked, then the the cutter selected, it asks again for the object to trim, and selecting the hatch is not accepted.

Anyway, very nice that you are working on this!

About that little inconsistency again:
When trimming curves, you can do this: 1) select the cutting curve, 2) invoke trim, 3) click on the curve to trim.
This does not work when trimming hatches.
Worth a fix?

Hello- as far as I can see this works as you describe in V7/WIP.