Trim hatch using grasshopper?

Is there any method to trim hatches?
I have hatches I got from the rhino file using Elefront and I would like to trim them and keep only the parts inside the curves I defined.
see GH file


plan to (11.1 KB)

Hi Gal,

A little more info please. Are you looking to create new hatches? Or trim the Hatch Linework to your Separating Curves?

Here i made a hatch and projected to Breps created by the curves.

re-plan to (21.8 KB)

Thank you Japhy,

I’m looking to trim the hatch and keep it as a “hatch”, not as a list of curves.
I will try to advance using this method of trimming the curves and see if it works out.


In that case you could define Hatches with the trim Curves (using the previous hatch name and scale)

My issue is that I would like each new hatch to get the rotation and color attributes of the hatch that was there before.

I’m trying to go from this:

to this:

I’m able to trim the hatches in Rhino but not in GH

We will need to have the .3dm file to be able to help precisely. I think this is doable as long as the hatch origin hasn’t changed.