Customized Linetypes - Drafting


I was wondering if there was any plug-ins or options to change line type to lines with symbols or letters imbedded for drafting? I know the current version of Rhino only uses dots and lines in specified series to create line types, but hopefully there has been enough need for alternate line types that someone can help!

As far as I’m aware, that’s the first time this has come up. Do you have an example of such line?

-----X-----X-----X-----X-----X---- or a zig zag pattern. Pretty much anything that is not solely lines and dots to help certain lines really stand out.


Do you have an example of such line?

I’ve actually used this type of line frequently in my architectural drafting career, though I was using AutoCAD. I recently purchased Rhino since it is quite a bit cheaper and I want to get a bit more involved with 3D modeling. As far as the request above, any info would be nice. Here is a link to AutoCAD LT that demonstrates the example.
AutoCAD LT Example of Letters in Custom Linetype
Again, any knowledge of plugins working in Rhino for this would be awesome.

i need that too…