Custom shortcuts - How to copy them to a second computer

I’m using extensively custom shortcuts and add some very often to improve productivity. I want to transfer these shortcuts to an other computer and furthermore keep them up to date; is there an easy way to do this?

there isn’t a way to do this yet (or, if there is, i’m going to be bummed because i’ve been doing it manually)

it appears there are plans for the ability to import/export keystrokes… it’s just that the options are currently greyed out

(as seen in the command editor dropdown)

you can import/export macros… i keep the different computers synced using dropbox… it’s still a semi manual process since you have to export the macros then import them on the other rhino…

it’s possible to do this fully automatic with symbolic links and dropbox but since the macros are stored in the main .plist, i wouldn’t recommend doing this… i’m sure you’ll run into some problems eventually if you have two separate computers both running rhino while their .plists are syncing.

Thanks Jeff, hope this feature i.e. export/import keyboard shortcuts will come soon.