Custom preview not displaying objects in rendered or arctic

I cannot custom preview objects in the rendered/arctic views anymore.
Only in ‘raytraced’.

Is this normal?

The ‘brep’ component has mutiple surfaces in it.

This used to work but it hasn’t anymore since mid 2021.

I have updated the WIP and I still get the same result.

In Rhino 7, the same scenario displays properly:

Thank you for reading!

I assume you’re referring to Rhino 8 WIP?
Custom Preview also doen’t display anything on Arctic on my PC, and crashes as soon as I turn to Raytraced

oh yeah I meant to add the wip category for the topic - no wonder it hasn’t been seen by the superiors! :crying_cat_face:

What an odd thing - seems quite annoying - mine never crashes however it’s kind of extra annoying that it won’t display; this on top of the custom preview actually never going away (when using r7) as you right-click the icon and check ‘render’ off - nothing happens - however I am also ignorant as to whether or not anything should happen - I suppose every computer presents different glitches.


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ohh wow, indeed that doesn’t happen on my machine on R7