Custom Preview Materials Grasshopper

I’m a student and I’m watching a YouTube tutorial for Grasshopper where they search the “Custom Preview Materials” command. However, when I search, nothing with that title comes up. And when I go to the “Preview” tab under “Display”, I see other similar commands, but not the one I need. Can anyone help me with this?

Hi @Mia_Guarnaccia1 ,

This is not a native grasshopper component but it is from the Human Plugin which can be found here:

The Component Reference In Human:

After installation and restarting of Rhino/Grasshopper it should show up in your search.


I appreciate your help! For some reason I keep getting this pop-up when trying to download it. Would you happen to know why that is?

Essentially Windows is saying “I don’t recognize the file extension .gha and in my list of Applications that are manually set by you, the user, you didn’t give me an app to open this file extension type either, please tell me what app opens this type of file extension by choosing an app in the “Default Apps Settings page””

But you can ignore that and install via packagemanager, run command in rhino _packagemanager OR just take that downloaded .gha file and drag and drop it into the grasshopper canvas space.

It’s been a minute, but I believe that will install it just fine.

Got it! You’re a life saver thank you so much. I was about to have a breakdown in studio lol

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I’ve been there before haha, happy to spare you on this occasion. Good luck and happy Grasshopping!

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