Custom Preview Component throws an error if Material is assigned via a Text Panel

Hi there!
I’m suffering from getting a dozen of errors when I open my giant .gh file. All of these errors seem to come from a couple of Custom Preview components and I guess all these errors are caused by the fact that these components are placed pretty far away from the canvas origin.
I attach a file with a single Custom Preview component where the error replicates itself. Is it a Grasshopper limitation? Can it be fixed in the next version?
I’m using Rhino 7.9 on Windows

German error message says “Object reference not set to an instance of an object”

UPD: Apparently it only appears when you at first open this particular empty file in Rhino
UPD2: Errors seem to happen only if the Material is assigned (2.6 KB)
11 Horner Weg Hamburg.3dm (157.2 KB)

Best wishes and thanks for the amazing program,

Works fine for me in R6, though I had to supply geometry (a circle). Maybe you should internalize your geometry to see if that is related. How come you use a text panel instead of a Color Swatch?


Your error message in German(?) means nothing to me, can you translate that?.

The translation is written below the screenshot. I just found out that you must open this Rhino file at first and then the Grasshopper file to replicate the error. I’ve uploaded the Rhino file to my original post.

And yes, you can use text panel instead of a color swatch for some basic colors like green, white or black

Unable to open R7 Rhino file in R6, good luck.

Are really you sure this has anything to do with “too far away on the canvas”?

Sorry, forgot to save it as RH6 file
11 Horner Weg Hamburg.3dm (151.6 KB)

No, now I suspect the Rhino file to cause it but I have no idea how. I’ve purged everything from it

Very strange. From a lot of experimentation with copy/paste of your GH components into new GH files, with and without your Rhino file being opened, it appears to be related that particular Rhino file AND using a text panel instead of a Color Swatch.

What happens when you quit Rhino completely, then double-click to open your GH file alone? No error is what I see in that case. Nothing at all to do with position on the canvas.

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Indeed, when I exchange the Text Panel with a simple Swatch the error disappears. Would never try it if you hadn’t pointed it out, thanks! I think I will stick with this solution although I don’t get how it is related. Thanks Joseph!

PS. Weirdly enough, if I open the GH file by double-clicking I get no error.

Same here. I see the error only when your Rhino file is opened first, then your GH file.

If you open your GH file first, then your Rhino file, there is no error.

whats about your top view? it’s showing a * after the name…did you change some settings there?

Yes but I’ve just tried to reset it and it didn’t help

may I ask what you changed?

@benedict I have no idea, sorry. Our team has used this file for testing purposes since a month now so it’s hard to track the changes. However, we basically import 3D geometry from OpenStreetMaps and save it to the new Rhino file, the further work happens in Grasshopper. The Rhino file should be pretty clean

ok, never mind. I’m pretty sure it’s inside the Rhino file, but it’s hard to track it down and if you don’t risk to lose important data, I guess you can stick with Josephs answer. It made some funny stuff anyway. I added a second preview node and deleted it again. since then I got two error messages even closing without saving…weird:)

Yeah the file definitely has some spell on it, I’ll simply use the other one. Thanks for testing it!