Custom Preview BUG?

Hi guys, I am having some custom preview issues since I started using Rhino 6…

I thought maybe it was my graphic card’s driver being out of date, but I just updated it and the issues persists…

You can see the top row is messed up in the Custom Preview example…
I have been noticing more stuff going on, specially when using custom preview with Arctic view on Rhino etc.

Can someone be so kind to confirm if I am the only one having this issue? I leave here the Rhino file and Gh file. (12.0 KB)
Hues_v01.3dm (7.5 MB)

As a separate issue, (it happens with baked geometry) there seems to be some kind of gradient between the adjacent colors of my solid hatches… Not sure why…

Windows 8.1.
GeForce GTX 980M
Driver version 419.67 (latest)
Intel® Core™ i7-4870HQ CPU @ 2.50GHz

I can reproduce the issue you’re seeing in the custom preview, although I’m not sure it’s an issue, per se - I think it may just be a product of the way the “shading” on the surfaces works with highly saturated colors. If you want consistent, matte, unshaded color preview, you’re better off using mesh colors - custom preview does a little bit of “shading.”

That gradient you’re seeing is an optical illusion. If you take your screenshot and sample its colors in photoshop you’ll see there’s no change in the squares.

Oh okay, thanks for confirming it was not just me Andrew! :sweat_smile:

That’s actually mind blowing, I can clearly see a slight cyan on all my squares! :exploding_head: