Custom keyboard shortcuts


Have been working for a while with custom keyboard shortcuts, but recently it behaves differently.

I have a duplicate from the default ones, since it’s read only. From this duplicate I removed some of the default shorts (for instance alt-cmd-W & shft-cmd-D). However these default shortcuts are still working.

Thank you for looking into this.

Hi Niels - it does not seem to work right for me. I’ll see if I can either figure it out or get it fixed.



It wouldn’t surprise me if OSX didn’t allow changing keyboard shortcuts that are supposed to be consistent system-wide.

Have you recently updated your Mac OS?

option-cmmd-W is an osx shortcut for closing all windows in an application (while cmmd-W is close the frontmost window of the app)

not sure about shift-cmmd-D as a systemwide shortcut though… and that’s not in my rhino default keystrokes either… what happens when you push it?

if you’re in finder and you push that combo, it opens the desktop folder but in rhino, i just get an alert sound (ie- nothing)

I meant shift-cmd-S which is duplicate. Guess also a system-wide short cut.

Just don’t remember those shortcuts working before. Sometimes I get confused when working on different types of apple keyboard layouts i.e. laptop or fixed. Then instead of using the shaded or wired view shortcuts I end up duplicating my file or closing all windows and that’s not funny anymore.

yeah, i’ve done that before too. (i use the control-cmmd-letter shortcuts for display modes)…
idk, at least none of the accidental shortcuts will cause you to lose any work.

i don’t think it’s possible to disable these shortcuts from a system wide perspective… i suppose it would be possible to do it on an app specific basis but rhino would need to be coded that way. (just guessing)

There is a problem in the current WIP release with menu shortcuts. If you switch between command sets, then the keyboard shortcuts attached to menu items should be immediately updated, but this does not happen correctly. This will be fixed in the next WIP release.

And, yes, you can even change what are typically standard OS X menu shortcuts, like Command-A.

something is screwy with assigning keyboard shortcuts (5A766w)… for instance, i can’t assign anything using the command key… say, ⇧⌘V or ⌘F

also, my custom set has been reset at some point to the default set.

idk, i’ll wait until the next WIP to see if things are better… maybe the problem you’re seeing is related to the things i’m seeing… if not, i’ll make another post which clarifies better.

This is fixed in the net WIP release.

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