Custom gh file doesn't work on local compute.rhino3d


I have ran the compute.rhino3d /view examples successfully and everything works.
Now I want to try some simple custom .gh file but it gives me error.

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'objects')
    at decodeObjects (VM3 d8b1a10c-5a11-41…-874ab3555bea:88:18)
    at VM3 d8b1a10c-5a11-41…-874ab3555bea:62:17

It seems that doc.objects() is returning null. But manually sending GET request to the http://localhost:3000/solve/ endpoint seems to return well.

Can you try running my simple .gh code? (5.3 KB)

The def works fine through hops, so something is tripping up the appserver. I will look into it.

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Thank you!
I’ve been stuck on this for the last two weeks.