Curvilinear quadrilateral NURBS-parameterized patches

How do I load a 3D model i.e, .stf file and generate untrimmed non overlapping quadrilateral NURBS patches ? The idea is I need to have a parameterised (UV) mapping of each patch from [-1, 1]. Finally, I should get the UV points and corresponding xyz of each patch and the normals and unit vectors of U and V saved.

I am very new Rhino … so please excuse if it is a basic question


Hi Chandan - Rhino does not have stf in its repertoire of file formats - if that is not a typo for stl, you’ll need to get a different file format.

Assuming you are bringing in meshes and you want surfaces, there are a few ways to get there, none of them automatic, (i.e. you cannot simply ‘convert’, unless the meshes are planar) but an example file would be helpful - with some indication of the desired surface output.


yes, file format was a typo it is ‘.stl’. I have attached the image…
I want to divide the surface of (a) into say ‘N’ patches, and for each patch
I need the mapping of “uv” to “xyz”…
For example to one patch from (b) I need uv’s and corresponding xyz points and also
the surface normal and unit vectors on the surface denoted as au and av…