Curves change order along a slider

Hi all, I am building some complex geometry that can change dimensions as i change one numeric value between 140 and 180 (i won’t post the entire script here because is too long) and it’s all working except when i change the input values along the stepped slider, at some point in the script, the same curves don’t read in the same order so i cannot pick the same curve for each scenario. Seems random too. What do i need to do? Like establish an origin and order of counting the curves? How is that being done? Or something else?

tried flattening but that’s not enough, the blue curves are the ones that change order along the slider

Hello. Any advice would be just guess. It’s impossible to say anything without the code. Try internalise data and posting only specific part, where the issue occurs.

attached isolated script, in this verison the issue is only between 140 and 150, the rest of the steps 150 through 180 are fine. In the main file, I redrew the input curves and now the step is off after 150 so it seems to be very random. I 'm guessing i have to tell GH this is the origin and the order in which the curves should be computed but not sure how. Thanks for taking a look!
curves order with step (14.5 KB)

i redrew the input curves in the original file and i no longer have the issue, but would still like to understand why i had the issue in the first place, by looking at the file attached above. ANd finding out whether i do need to order the curves. Thanks!

hi all, any feedback on the above question? How do i tell the curves to be read in the same order every time the number slider creates a different scenario? Here is the script again. Running into the same problem again. Here is the script againcurves order with step (14.5 KB)

I don’t see your script yet but sometimes explanation with recorded video is better

What is this plugin?


The Proving Ground plugin? It was installed by default on my machine, I thought Brep Split is a standard GH tool, is it not? If not it can be installed here: I assume you were able to see my script above? Reattaching below
just in case. curves order with step (14.5 KB)