Re-order the tweened curves' order

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to let grasshopper picks either only the odd rows (the first, third, 5th, 7th, …etc) of the tween curves or even rows. But I notice that when I list the created curves, the order goes from:

00 the first curve I drew
01 the second curve I drew (which should be in the final row of the whole tween curves )
02 the 1st tweened curve
03 the 2nd tweened curve
04 the 3rd tweened curve

And I will need the order to be reorganized as from bottom to top (or if it’s possible to appoint specific curve as the first?)
Do you guys have a suggestion how I could approch the goal?

Thanks for any tips given

demo (9.6 KB)

you need to sort those curves:
demo file (11.4 KB)

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Thanks Gijs for the quick help!