Curved object alignment: Consistent projection from a reference [Inquiry]

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all well. I have a question regarding a faster way to ensure that a surface is smooth, in my context like an arched “Flat” base.
Here’s a screenshot, object on the left is my current model. Right is an exaggeration of the potential problem. I toggled the SubD flat display only for this screenshot purpose, but the final product is smooth mode.
At the moment, I use the Align command, while on elevation view, ghosted mode, I pick one by one each vertices and align it to my reference.
But is there a faster way? Thanks in advance and I appreciate your input. :rightwards_hand:

By the way reason I asked, I have experienced sending a sample to 3D printing/ 5axis CNC (wood) and it really picked up any discrepancy like smallest 0.5-1mm bumps, surprised me how precise those machines are… it can be felt when you slide your fingers on the model. But of course, it can be fixed by sandpaper quickly. But anyways, if issues can be avoided, it will be best. Thanks!

JPEG and Rhino 7 file attached:

It might help if you use the smooth command like this.

You can use Pull or Project to align SubD control points or vertices to a NURBS surface. In this case, extruding a single surface would you give you the target surface needed. If the control points/verts are along a single edge loop, Align > ToCurve is what I’d use.

Thank you for your replies, I appreciate the help. Will try those suggestions. Cheers! :ok_hand: