What command should i use for this?


ode 2008 6 proportions ok B2 + table + VRAY.3dm (3.4 MB)

I’m a noob and could do with some help

So I’ve been drawing a lamp on Rhino but I can’t seem to find the right command combo for this.
I thought the loft command would help but it’s still a struggle.

I’m trying to close in a smooth way the surface on the bottom of the lamp but when it was a success it didn’t look the way I wanted.

By the way I’m using Rhino 6.

Thanks a lot .


You could potentially use the Cap command, which will simply close the base of the lamp with a flat surface and then fillet (FilletEdge) or chamfer (ChamferEdge) the bottom edge to make the transition smoother.

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Hi Cindy - I take it you mean this bit here, correct?

There are a few things that I’d fix doing this with surfaces - like, what do you intend with these curves, some smooth some with a cusp, others with a kink - your intention is not clear.

That said, branching structures like this are much, much easier to do with SubD objects - that is what you need here, but you need V7 for the full set of tools. If you want to surface this, you can, but you need to be much more clear, even in your own mind, what the design is, so that you can set up the right curves and surfaces.


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Hi Pascal,

thank you for your help!
I just downloaded rhino v7, so I hope this will be easier now.
I know my design isn’t clear as it is in my mind. I wanted something smoother. The cusps and kinks are only there because I couldn’t do it properly as I haven’t found the right method yet.

Do you recommend any tutorial that could help with this, now that I have Rhino 7?

Thanks a lot !


Will try this!

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Hi Cindy - I would look at tutorials here:

and particularly for SubD -


which seems best suited to iterating branching a design like this.


Thank you :slight_smile: