Curved Bench-How To?

Hello Forum, I have a project coming up where we have a bench (probably formed from a granite block) which curves and flows in x,y,z directions. What would be the best workflow and commands to use to create a nice cnc friendly model ? (screenshot attached of a similar kind of bench) tia :blush:

take 3 curves 2 for the upper and one which describes the boat like hull. loft 3 times and fillet the edges. it seems that the walls are pretty straight so you dont need much i think. maybe if the loft does not work with the back part since it actually changes direction a bit you could sweep the lower part.

you can also loft that boat in a straight manner first and use the bend command to deform it for instance. or cage edit etc.

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try this-


@encephalon thanks for the tips bud :+1:

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@theoutside thanks for illustrating this, very helpful, I’m still struggling to get the ‘pointy end’ as an acceptable outcome. I’ll keep playing. Not tried the sub-d option yet. I’ve watched a few of your tutorials on the YouTube channel Kyle, really good. Maybe this could be your next video, showing the nurbs method, and the sub-d way, and comparing ?? cheers :blush:

post your attempts, I’m happy to weigh in

If I’m building this I’d go nurbs, unless there was a lot of planned iteration/exploration, then I’d go subd.

More images of the bench in the link below :


yes, I should have put a link to the Barrell sculpture page, very nice objects they design too :slight_smile: