CurveBoolean doesn't work

When I click where the pointer is in the image:

Then the result is wrong:

In V5 the results are good, not in V6.

CP_CurveBoolean.3dm (28.0 KB)


You’re mixing closed curves and open curves.You’ll get perfect and predictable result if you keep them all the same…

An easy way to do that is break the curve Boolean into two separate passes. Sometimes, the easiest way to do a complicated shape is with two simple steps instead of one horribly complicated step. It takes far more time and then doesn’t work anyway.

A great example of this strategy is in my gear demo. Dig it.

EDIT: I understand you are testing the v6 WIP.

That’s not the point and also not necessary.
It works in V5, and seeing this it must be an error in V6.


Hi Charles, I see that, thanks.
Interesting that if you add a large (size=12) text dot to the scene, the Boolean works as expected - some display related thing I guess.


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Yup. That’s why I wrote the edit.

I have this fixed, but am trying to track down some memory leaks in the code before adding the changes to the WIP. Should be done in time for this week’s build but no promises.