_curveBoolean Bug

for me this seams like a bug: (mac os x, rhino 7)
adds an unnecessary segment, and that segment is even not tangential:

(top) initial curves with CVs
(middle) initial curves and _curveBoolean Result
(bottom) result only.

curve_boolean_bug2.3dm (67.6 KB)

thanks for having a look at it. kind regards. -tom

Hi Tom - I see that - the points move closer together if the tolerance is tighter - basically it includes a tiny segment of the rectangle that is within tolerance of the result. I do not know, but I am not super optimistic that this can ever be truly correct, as it is tolerance based, but I will add it to the ‘heap’.


I see this - interesting phenomenon. @pascal - check this out:

Select the 3 curves, call CurveBoolean, Delete=All, then click inside the figure and Enter. The result is incorrect as you show @Tom_ .

Undo then do the following:

Select the 3 curves, call CurveBoolean, Delete=All, then click OUTSIDE the figure once to select the whole region, then click OUTSIDE the figure again to eliminate that selection, then finally click inside the figure just to get the oval selection and Enter.

The result will be correct.

Hey, I see that - great catch - that suggests there is a fix.
RH-63062 CurveBoolean: differing results


Totally stumbled on it by accident… :sunglasses:

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there is another boring workarround:
_trim _join

but the bad thing about above bug is, if you re not aware of it, you will notice it 10 steps later, if things are un precise …
…“great catch” - i love that phrase !!!
a lot of funny pictures come in my mind to post here, but afraid it s against the policy of the forum…

any news on this ?
i think the algorithm should check for line - line and line-circle intersections as special case.
see also this topic

i ve started to teach:
“do not use curveBoolean for nearly tangent intersections”