Curve.CreateBooleanIntersection (Bug ?)

Dear Everybody
Dear Dale @dale

I have some Problem with this curves - as fare as i can see, they are coplanar and they intersect.
rhino-Command _intersect finds the points
rhino-Command _curveBoolean fails - open red curve result
RhinoCommon Curve.CreateBooleanIntersection fails as well (i would need the RhinoCommon - Method to work …)

Maybe a bug ?

thanks for having a look at it


CurveBooleanBug.3dm (27.5 KB)

(Windows, Rhino 5)

Hi Tom. This is a bug in version 5 that has already been fixed in the V6 WIP. It should work if you do your development there. Thanks for the report.

thanks for the feedback.

I develop a plug-in that my customers use under Rhino 5.
it s a pity, that there is a update-“vaccum” for Rhino 5. i do not want to tell my customer to work on a unstable WIP that has to be updated every 14 days …

The Idea of developing together with the users is great and a big benefit for Rhino.

But somehow the support of professionals, that just need a reliable tool should not suffer under this concept… but i don t want to be negative.

thanks for the support.

@Tom_ I share your frustration that a shipping version of Rhino 6 has taken so long, and that it has left Rhino 5 without updates for so long.

We are edging closer and closer to Rhino 6 release. I encourage you to ensure that your plug-in works in Rhino 6, in addition to Rhino 5.

I’d love to give you a ship date for Rhino 6 (we’re getting close, really) but I don’t have an official date to announce.