Curve through point with control points

Hi, I’m a beginner with Rhino and for my internship, I have to build a ship with this software. I’m struggling with the Curve System and I was wondering if there is a possibility to fit a curve with control points through specific points.
Thanks for your answer

Yes, you can use the Interpolate Points command from the Curve > Free-form menu, or type the command InterpCrv command into the command line. This will fit a curve through the points you then click with the mouse.

If you want the control points to be where you click, use the Control Points command from the same menu, or type Curve into the commandline.

Also, if you’re interested to learn more of Rhino, visit the tutorials page,

The Level 1 and 2 manuals are what is used as Rhino course material, and is very well suited for self-study.

Thanks it works. I will check that !